Monday, November 7, 2011

Mi Casa Es Su Casa.....

......unless you want an oven in su casa! We've finally moved into our real apartment and I truly can't complain. It's nice, it's fairly modern, there's a flat screen tv that we can plug our computer into to watch real television, the shower feels excellent on my head, buuuut there's no oven. This was suppose to be "The Year of the Oven," and now that has been renamed to "The Year of the No Bake Cookie!" Yuuummm.....when I was 12! Do they think Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies bake on a two-burner stove? I don't think so! This is a true tragedy!

Thoughts of having no oven have completely consumed me, but luckily, I am an even tempered, level headed, mature 29 year old woman. HEAR ME ROAR! Maturity means I don't yell at Derek for having no oven because it's obviously not his fault, I don't bring up the no oven 'sitch' in every conversation I have and to everyone I meet, and I haven't cried over it. That would be SO crazy if somebody cried over not having an oven! I am once again starting to become very upset, so I think it's best we move on.

Here are those pictures of our new hood I promised you weeks ago! Bolzano is an awesome city and I may not have originally thought it was a happening tourist spot UNTIL I ran into a Rick Steve's tour downtown! Rick Steves! First question asked, "Is Rick Steves with you?" He wasn't, but there was NO WAY I was passing up the chance to meet this traveling nerd. Anyways, hope you like the place as much as I do! **Note** I did not edit these photos. On most days, I would rather come down with full blown AIDS than deal with Photoshop!
(Only my favorite place in all of Bolzano!)These next three photos are from just outside of Bolzano, where we actually live.**Another Note** When we bought the DSLR camera, I thought mad photography skills would flow from my fingertips, but as we can all see, that's not the case. Don't think mean things to yourself about my less than stellar photography, okay? Thanks!


  1. You know what makes me sad? TJ got the run around from Bolzano for....MONTHS, and we finally got sick of waiting on them so signed here. Boo, We could have been besties :( It looks gorgeous there! I am glad you are moved into your apartment and enjoying life in Italy!

  2. That sucks....I think Bolzano is known for being a bit sketchy. I've heard other stories and they tried to pull a few fast ones on us.

  3. Sorry to hear about your baking dilemma... Have you considered getting a decent toaster oven?
    I've had a cuisinart very similar to this one for over 10 years and I LOVE it. I make pumkin pie, apple cake (it fits 9" round or square pans), muffins (1 tray at a time) and small sheets of cookies. It's great for toasting or re-heating pizza too:

  4. Beautiful pictures by the way!!

  5. Hahahaha, what I fail to mention is that we do have a toaster oven! Busted! BUT, it was given to us by the team and is old and gross, so I don't love using it. It's been roasting veggies nicely, so I think I'll try to bake in it soon. It's just SO small!

  6. Stacy...not baking? Seriously? That's NUTS! All out nuts, I say! Looks awesome though where you are. Why have I been here for months already and we have yet to see each other? Why?