Monday, October 10, 2011

A Treat. For You. It's Better Than Candy.

Suuup?! As suggested by the title, I have quite the treat for you. It's a look into something very personal to me, a place few dare to go. My purse!

I can't remember which magazine does this, maybe US Weekly, but you know how they take a look into what celebrities carry in their purses? We're also going to do that here! My purse is WAY better than a celebrity's though! If I remember correctly, one of the blogs to the right here did this awhile back, but she carried around a journal and nice things. Not here, you will not find that here! If at some point during this blog you have gotten the impression that I have my life pulled together, my apologies. I'm a hot mess.

Example I. My makeup bag.
(Even the table looks disgusting. Hold your judgement, that was a plastic patio table at the hotel we had been living in.)
This bacteria laden bag and brush are probably the reason my face is so busted and suffering from adult acne. You can't really see, but I only use the finest makeups such as, Cover Girl concealer, blush, and bronzer, Maybelline eye shadow and mascara, and Rimmel eye liner. Nothing but the best for me! This combination of makeup gives the perfect "caked on, face is more tan than your neck" look and I highly recommend it. I've rocked that look for years.

Example II. Welcome to my purse.
This is the crap I have hanging from my shoulder day in and day out, and is now beginning to give me shoulder pain. It's totally worth it though. Who knows when I may need an empty bottle of Ibuprofin? What if not one, but two toothbrushes fail me? Well, I've got three just in case. What if Diego gets bored and he wants his favorite tiny blue plastic toy you see laying there. Well, I've got it! Dog owner of the year, I win.

Let's end on a very happy note and thank Derek for the first new and hole-free underwear I've had in two years! He's so good to me! I promise to keep them out of the dogs reach, washed on gentle, and hung dry so that they are wearable for at least four years.


  1. This is seriously crazy. I recommend you immediately down-size to a clutch. Just make sure you keep that deodorant. That shiz comes in handy!!

  2. This is fascinating. I think we have twin purses. I have teeth whitener, an abnormal amount of sharpies, and probably $20 worth of dollar bills in random pockets (along with 10,000 other things). I also found a $100 bill in there yesterday. Don't worry, I am not rich. It was just $100 I'd lost the other day. Who knew crumpling up hundreds and stuffing them in a side pocket was not the way to keep track of money